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Documents to be Submitted with Proposals for Funding:

1. A copy of the organization’s Constitution/Memorandum of Agreement;
2. A schedule of names of the Board members/Trustees and their personal occupations;
3. Copies of the last two years Annual Financial Statements duly signed and audited;
4. A copy of your Annual Report;
5. A copy of the Non-Profit Organization certificate;
6. A copy of the Public Benefit Organization letter from SARS (South African Revenue Services);
7. A brief history of the organization;
8. If VAT registered, a copy of a form from SARS reflecting the VAT registration number;
9. Proof of Income Tax Number;
10. Motivation/proposal. All capital expenditure projects are to be accompanied by 3 quotations and /or supporting documents.
11. A letter from the organisation’s Bank, stating details of the banking details of the organisation. i.e. correct name: branch code; account number.
12. Copy of proof of submission of latest Annual Financial Statement to the Department of Social Development.

Email to:

Or send via courier to :
Manor House
West Wing
14 Nuttall Gardens
4001 / South Africa